Your Order

Skirting TableI treat every customer’s fiber as if it were my own.  When fiber comes to me for processing, the first thing I do is to review the order form to see what you have in mind for your fiber.

Then I move on to spreading the fiber out to get to know it:

  • Does it need a bit more skirting?  The dogs love this part!
  • How much VM?  Any burrs?  Any poo?
  • How about second cuts?  Shake the fleece around a bit to get those to fall through the skirting table.
  • Scan for metal…yes, I have a metal detector and I’m not afraid to use it!  Actually the hubby uses it when reclaiming lumber.  Metal bits will damage equipment, whether it’s for wool or wood!
  • What does it feel like?  Dry?  Damp?  Musty?  Fresh?  Been around awhile?  Coarse, medium, fine, extra fine?

All of this gives me a good idea of how to treat your fiber and what settings to use on the picker and carder to return the nicest product possible back to you.