Incoming Fiber

  • Ugly FleeceVegetable matter (weeds or VM):  The equipment will remove a goodly amount, however it will not remove all of it.  If a fleece is generously sprinkled with VM, it will still be generously sprinkled when processed.  You want to be particularly vigilant about burrs (burdocks), they are really prickly and can spread an amazing distance throughout your fiber.
  • I weigh and scan (for foreign objects) each fleece as it arrives.  If unwashed, this is the weight I use to figure the wash price.  Once your fiber is dry (or if it comes to me already washed), I weigh it again to figure the remaining processing charges.
  • This equipment is set up to handle fiber from about 1-1/4” to 8” long.  Shorter fibers are likely to just fall out of the equipment, could cause noils (nepps) or may require a second carding.  Longer fibers may need to be cut.  I’ll let you know if your fiber length is an issue.
  • Fleeces with a weak spot and/or heavily weathered tips may break during processing.  This could cause noils/nepps.
  • If a fleece is unsuitable for processing, I will contact the customer to discuss.  This particular fleece had a long staple length and a nice white color; however, it was also full of burrs, dung and excessive dirt/mud and was returned to the customer.