Washing (based on raw weight):  

Skirting (per fleece)    $25.00

Basic Wash (includes up to 2 wash & 2 rinse)    $5.00lb.

Additional Washes    $2.50/lb.

Most fine wools, such as Merino, Rambouillet, Debouillet, Columbia, Corriedale, Cormo, etc. will require at least 3 washes, sometimes 4.


Processing (based on washed weight):

Pick Only    $4.00/lb.

Pick & Card to Roving or Batt    $7.00/lb.

Pick & Card Blends (fine wools/exotics less than 30% of total weight)    $8.50/lb.

Pick & Card Fine Wools/Exotics to Roving or Batt    $10.00/lb.



3- or 4-way Roving    Add $1.50/lb.

Blend fibers/colors in Picker    No extra charge

Blend fibers/colors on Carder    Add $1.50/lb.



All sales, services & shipping are taxable at 8%