Washing Fiber

  • 100_2565If you choose to wash your fleece before sending it to me, make sure it is grease-free and well-rinsed.  Please do not use any conditioners or fabric softeners as these will need to be washed out before processing.  Lanolin and/or cleaning agents left in the fiber are sticky, often cause noiling and make a mess on my equipment.
  • I wash incoming fiber in these laundry tubs and only use the washing machine to spin out between washes and rinses.  These sinks are now insulated, so they hold the heat very well.
  • I use off-the-shelf laundry detergent to wash fleeces, whatever’s on sale and I have a coupon for. If you want unscented detergent used on your fiber, let me know. I find it cleans well and rinses easily.  Many people use Dawn dish detergent (it cuts the grease very well).  It is extremely important to use really hot water to wash and rinse with.  This keeps the lanolin from settling back onto the wool.  I rinse twice; detergent can get sticky if left on the fiber.
  • Trust me, there are no short cuts, and we’re all happier when the effort is made to begin with. The cleaner the fiber, the better the end product.